A Pawn of Fate

A true story of a search for identity

by Rita Keeley Brown


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Fate takes a young boy on an amazing journey.

A different kind of Great Wall was constructed around a young Chinese boy. The story unfolds like a chess game played between two unswerving opponents. One side has only one pawn with which to play, while the other controls the board with many playing pieces. The outcome of this titanic struggle will have great impact on many lives both past and present.


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A Pawn of Fate

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About the Author

Rita Keeley Brown

Rita Keeley Brown was born and raised in Nebraska, the youngest of six children. After majoring in music at UCLA in sunny southern California she changed careers to education and business while raising six children of her own. She still lives in California and, now retired, she has begun yet another career as a writer. This is her first published work although she has others soon to be published.

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