Military Survival Guide

How to Succeed in the US Military

by Major Ann Haibach


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Joining the Military? Read This First!

Joining the military is a life-changing decision, full of opportunities and challenges. In this must-read guide for new recruits, veteran Major Ann Haibach shares valuable information and first-hand lessons learned from her experience overseeing the training, morale, and discipline of more than 2000 military members, both officer and enlisted. Reading and applying the lessons in this guide will ensure that you are prepared for your decision, with step-by-step advice for a successful military career. Learn from the stories of others’ mistakes, and see clearly both the pitfalls and the ways to navigate them with poise and a positive outcome. This book will help you succeed, enhance your career, and ensure you are well-prepared for your journey toward enlistment or commission in any branch of the U.S. military.


About the Author

Major Ann Haibach

Major Ann Haibach, USAF(R) is a disabled veteran who served 13 years as an active-duty officer. She was competitively selected as an instructor for officer candidate school, where she trained, evaluated, and commissioned more than 500 second lieutenants. She was recognized as the 1999 Communications and Information Company Grade Officer of the Year for Royal Air Force Mildenhall, United Kingdom and the 2000 Communications and Information Company Grade Officer of the Year for Officer Candidate School, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. In 2005, she was a distinguished graduate from Advanced Communications Officer Specialty Training. That year she also graduated from Air Command and Staff College and received her master’s degree from University of Maryland University College in IT Systems Management. She and her husband Peter currently reside in the national capitol region with their two daughters, Isabella and Ava.