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Have you ever thought that you may have at one point met your soul mate? Or could it have been that your soul mate was someone right beside you for most of your life? The one person you may have taken for granted until it was too late? This is a love story of a woman who fell in love with a man that she has known nearly her entire life but didn’t realize how deep her love for him was until many years later when it was too late. The constant flashbacks of their past romantic encounters are too much for her to handle as she finds herself going back down memory lane. She then turns to seek professional and emotional help she realizes she will need to face a fast approaching and very difficult day in her life. Will she run or will she face the day head on? Is it possible that a person can be in love with someone and not even realize it until years later? For Giovanna, the answer is yes.


About the Author

Dee Lovaro

I have always been a woman who believes in every aspect of love. For example, love at first sight, love that hurts, unconditional love, true love and so on. Love however, sometimes can be in the form of a passion. In my case, I “Love” to write. I have been writing short stories for nearly 30 years. I treated my work as a hobby and brushed it aside until approximately 6 years ago when I decided to grab my laptop and start getting serious about my “Love” for writing. What has empowered me most is writing love stories. I hope you enjoy this love story as much as I enjoyed writing it.