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Discover what happens when angels intervene in our lives!

When Pam’s SUV smashes through a guardrail on a freezing day and plunges over the side of a cliff, her fears of death turn to sudden astonishment as a supernatural feeling of peace surrounds her. Comforting warmth embraces her body, along with the sweet smell of Calvin Klein cologne. She remembers the comforting words spoken by a Baptist minister named Calvin: “I do not know how, or when, but I will return from the grave to show you the love of God!”

Angels Watching Over Me is a captivating and inspiring story that spans Pam’s life as a neglected, abused little girl to her running the only woman-owned hospice and palliative care business in Northern Colorado. Her determination to follow all government regulations exposes fraud and abuse in the healthcare industry.

While Pam walked the path of education, Linda chose marriage, children, and church. She is deprived of her children, attacked, and jailed when it is revealed that she is gay. The ripple effect leads her to dedicate her life to understanding why people hate her lifestyle. Linda is prompted by an angel to study the Bible, books left out of the Bible, and Jewish rituals for forgiveness of sin. Combined, Pam and Linda’s lives reveal extraordinary miracles and a God-given destiny enhanced by a spiritual world of good and evil angels.


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Pam Ware & Linda Dipman

Pam Ware has a master’s in Social Work and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is trained as a Medical Social Worker and Hospice Administrator who worked for 40 years in various healthcare settings. Linda Dipman is the author of The Game of Life; It’s Almost Over and I Want to Know My Future.

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