An Apple for the Man in the Moon

by Jacquelynne Bogucki


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The space capsule “Lunar Lady” blasts off from Earth on a voyage to the moon with Dr. Braun, Percy and Henry Applegate on board. Upon their arrival on the moon they become aware that there is unrest between the “Nams” of the light side and the “Nooms” of the dark side. It just so happens that one bite from one of Henry’s apples causes the both sides to forget their feud and become friends once again. To celebrate peace on the moon, “King Linus” throws a “Galaxy Gala” and invites all the planets to attend. “Mercury Mercurial” gets the speedy invitations out to “Queen Venus” and her court, the “Kazooties” of Mars, “King Jupiter”, the “Saturnettes”, the “Uranus Rockers”, “King Neptune” and his Mermaids, and “Nicky” and his gang from Pluto. A grand time is had by all but suddenly Percy reminds everyone that the “Lunar Lady” must return to Earth. Henry asks the Princess Aurora to marry him and return with him now that peace and friendship have been restored on the moon and in the galaxy. There is a happy ending for all, including the little green stow away on the trip back!


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About the Author

Jacquelynne Bogucki

Jacquelynne Bogucki was born in San Antonio, Texas and received her music degree from the Hart College of Music in Hartford, Connecticut. Formerly known as Jacquelynne Moody, she performed in many operas and in musical comedies. She made her operatic debut in the “Merry Wives of Windsor” in Central City, Colorado. In 1955, Mrs. Bogucki joined the New York City Center Opera Company and became the leading soubrette coloratura. She has toured the United States performing in many operas, and has sung with many famous symphonies including the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. She made the pilot film for CBS-TV’s “The American Musical Theatre” and performed in CBS-TV’s “Camera Three” production of Mozart’s “The Impresario.” Mrs. Bogucki performed the role of Guenevere in “Camelot” many times on Broadway as well as on the National Tour. After her final tour of “Camelot”, Mrs. Bogucki decided to trade in the glamorous life of the theater for a more satisfying career in teaching music. So, in 1967 she began her career as a public school music teacher. She taught for 37 years in the New York and Florida public schools. During those 37 years she wrote many original children’s musicals as well as plays in which folk, popular, and Broadway hit songs were incorporated. She retired from teaching in 2006 and now lives in Naples, Florida with her husband in their little home in “Paradise.”