America's Favorite Recipes

Part I

by Uma Aggarwal


Book Details

American Cuisine: The Best of All Worlds!

American cuisine is unique in its appropriation of elements from all the different cultures that make up the American melting pot … which you could also think of as the American salad bowl, with hundreds of delicious and fascinating ingredients! American Favorite Recipes presents a broad selection of traditions, ranging from Colonial times to evolving ethnic fusion cuisines. The recipes are presented with historical facts and context, to make them educational as well as delicious. In this cookbook, you’ll be able to choose from a truly global array of dishes, from homegrown classics like Eggs Benedict and Cobb Salad to imported treats such as Gnocchi, Kung Pao Chicken, Enchiladas, and Baklava. A special section on favorite American One-Dish Meals is a delicious visit to ‘50s nostalgia, and recipes focusing on Italian-American and Oriental-American cuisine pay tribute to two of the major influences on American tastes. Whether you’re putting together a simple family meal, a backyard barbecue, or a dinner party for a crowd, you’ll enjoy these recipes that reflect the heart and soul of the American people.


Book Excerpt

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