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Will Kevin Find the Feeding Grounds?

Kevin the Manta Ray is hungry, but he lost the tip of his fin and can’t swim as fast as the other manta rays. When the manta rays start their journey to the feeding grounds, Kevin becomes lost and must find his way the help of a new friend. Kevin is based on a real manta ray studied by the Florida Manta Project. All proceeds go to manta ray research and conservation.


About the Author

Jessica Pate & Allie Brown

Jessica Pate is a marine biologist studying manta rays with the Marine Megafauna Foundation. She lives in Florida with her partner, Bryant, and their cat, Yoshi. Allie Brown is a science communicator and outdoor guide in Washington State. She has a Masters degree in Marine and Environmental Affairs and is obsessed with all kinds of animals, particularly those in the oceans and the dog, cat, hamster, and rabbit she lives with.