All Roads Home

A Collection of Short Stories

by Lisa Diaz Meyer


Book Details

A collection of bizarre short stories, poems and plays.

The use of the word "home" suggests yearning for home, finding home or escaping from home. A road to normalcy... In a weird way. Dark fiction, themes and genres throughout. 

ALL ROADS HOME contains the "Outposts”, 35 Award Winning Short Stories, Poems and Plays that deal with Literary Fiction, Depression, Horror, Paranormal, Religion, Real Life, City Life, The Afterlife, Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction and more...  

  • Readers Favorite 5 Stars
  • 5 out of 5 Stars on Amazon.
  • Literary Titan Gold Book Award 2017
  • Distinguished Favorite Award from Independent Press 2019.


About the Author

Lisa Diaz Meyer

ALL ROADS HOME, ALL ROADS DESTINED and ALL ROADS SHATTERED are New York author, Lisa Diaz Meyer’s current works of multi-genre, dark fiction short stories, poems and plays. The author, poet, playwright uses several controversial topics and awarenesses in her award winning speculative fiction. Lisa was born and raised in the East New York section of Brooklyn. Other than reading writing and finding new ways to be “creeped out”, she loves the theater, photography, history, trivia, museums and horror. She now hails from Long Island’s south shore with her husband, three sons and her rescue cat, Chloe. 
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