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A gripping story of street justice, codes of silence, and corruption

"A dramatic, thought-provoking novel"                                                                                                                         Stephen D., Editor

Inspired by true events, ALL IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE chronicles the gripping and enlightening fictional journey of one man who went from Chicago police officer to prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer, exposing the behind-the-scenes underbelly of street justice, corruption, and the “blue wall” of complicit silence, all things done and pursued in the name of justice.

ALL IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE is based on author experiences, where, in the opening chapter, a gruesome murder trial rests with the jury for deliberation while the defense lawyer lead character, Jack Keegan, recalls the inescapable human frailties and stress in being a police officer, prosecutor, and defense lawyer — the dangers, considerations, and justifications for things done in the name of justice. The lead antagonist, Raphael Martinez, rises through the ranks of being a street corner dealer in Chicago to a drug cartel major distributor throughout Mexico, Miami, and Chicago.
The story invites readers to examine the real need for strong and effective law enforcement, prosecutorial, and judicial authority with realistic oversight that does not inhibit authority while holding it responsible. The reader is prompted to see the need for public cooperation and understanding of authority. The underlying message, if any, is to promote just governance with fairness to all.  

The last 25th chapter returns a surprising jury verdict and ending for the lead antagonist defendant, Raphael Martinez. The story is exciting and will keep you reading to the end without putting the book down. It is a book you will enjoy and will never regret buying. You can review the book's 25 chapter first pages at the author's business website:


Book Excerpt

Dear Readers

A lifetime of work as a police officer, prosecutor, and criminal defense attorney has inspired me to write this novel. Inspired by true events, this is a gripping and enlightening fictional journey, exposing “street justice,” “codes of silence,” and “corruption,” all things done and pursued in the name of justice. 

My fictional lead character reminisces about his life experiences during jury deliberations that will bring a verdict in his latest and perhaps last trial—a trial in defense of a murderous drug dealer, one of many whom he arrested, prosecuted, and defended over the years. 

The book examines authority—authority of police officers, prosecutors, and courts—and the need for a common-sense, practical approach to oversight that will check authority and assure proper governance. And yes, even private attorneys need to be mindful of their authority and responsibility to vigorously represent their clients and not rush to an expedient resolution of their cases. 

Police need to be tough and feared by criminals, but not too tough.  Prosecutors need to be fair and compassionate.  Courts, prosecutors, and police need to focus on the spirit of laws—a fair application of the laws, application that would be conceded to be fair by all litigants. And all authority figures must avoid any appearance of impropriety. Equally important, there should be no smug tolerance of impropriety among the ranks of authority figures. 

Authority must be well placed to work and get things done to serve justice with fairness, to allow pursuit of the ever-elusive democratic dream of “liberty and justice for all.” 

I hope you like the book.  There are plenty of stories out there to fill volumes of sequels. My hope is that there is thoughtful reflection and progress in appointing the most qualified and effective representatives who will serve us all.                                                                
Thank you, 
Warren J. Breslin


About the Author

Warren J. Breslin

ALL IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE                                               
About the Author:

Warren James Breslin is a criminal defense attorney in Chicago. He obtained his Juris Doctor degree at Loyola University after completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and a Master of Science degree in Public Administration at DePaul University. During his years of study, he began his professional journey as a city photographer and then a Chicago police officer before becoming an attorney and Cook County criminal prosecutor. Warren Breslin is honored to be listed in both the Martindale-Hubbell Register of Preeminent Lawyers and the Thompson Reuters directory of Super Lawyers.
While a third-year Loyola University Law School student assigned to the Chicago Police Superintendent’s Office, he wrote and internally published numerous General Orders, Special Orders, Department Notices, and Training Bulletins. His duties also included speech writing for the Superintendent. He published an authored article, “Police Intervention in Domestic Confrontations,” in the Journal of Police Science and Administration (Volume 6, Number 3, September 1978), a publication of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Inc., an article that was jointly reviewed for publication by Northwestern University School of Law. His Master’s Thesis at DePaul University was accepted in 1975: A Study in the Organization, Administration, and Management of Municipal Police Departments



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