A Husband's Survival Guide

by C. Scott Litch


Book Details

What if husbands had a guidebook relatively simple to understand and apply? A husband of over 28 years offers humorous observations and sound tactics, essentially a field guide, on how to survive a marriage and most importantly to avoid being “dumped on” by your wife for your many real and perceived shortcomings as a husband.

Tens of millions of unsuspecting husbands walk around without a clue as to what to do, what just happened, and why am I in the doghouse again with my wife? This book will teach husbands the hidden pathway to a happy, successful marriage.

This book offers practical strategies and solutions to a variety of sources of marital friction: relatives, children, pets, budgets, household chores, sex drive, etc. At the most fundamental level, a husband want a wife who is a life-time companion, soul mate, and best friend who will more than occasionally have sex with him. This book will help a husband achieve this success. If the husband won’t read the book, then his wife can read it to him while he’s watching the MLB Network.


About the Author

C. Scott Litch

C. Scott Litch has managed to stay married to the same woman for over 28 years. It has taken him roughly the same amount of time to learn how to manage marriage. He is a Chicago-area guy with two daughters in college and two rescue dogs in the house. When not offering unsolicited marital advice, Scott enjoys baseball and golf when his wife allows it.