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JILL FITZGERALD is an actress, model, spokeswoman and artist who has been performing for 30 years in film, theater, dance and television. All her life people have asked her “How do you stay in shape?” “How do you maintain good health and keep a positive attitude about life?” Her answer is “A Healthy Life in Pictures”. What is truly remarkable about this attractive coffee table book is the way that the “answer” is communicated. Beautifully illustrated by a series of her captivating paintings and photographs, Jill shows how to stay healthy, fit and happy. We learn, through the text that is super-imposed on each image, that at any age, we can start to change our habits and create a healthier, happier and more beautiful self. It is never too late to be what we have always wanted to be! The photos were taken during Jill’s acting and modeling career and the unique paintings are her own and many were created for the purpose of this book. Every one of the 173 pages utilizes either a painting or photo to highlight and support the underlying messages. Through the use of these photos and paintings, Jill will show you how to: • Eat better • Sleep better • Become the most beautiful “you” • Start a fitness program • Reduce stress • Enjoy your life Because “A Healthy Life in Pictures” successfully merges lifestyle advice with artistic images, it will surely delight both the fitness-minded and the art lover.



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