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A Life-Changing Accident Brings Two Lost Souls Together…

Flirtatious, adventurous Sam seems to have it all, until the day he jumps his bike off a high wall and snaps his spine. Paralyzed, depressed, and angry, he doesn’t have what it takes to deal with the devastating consequences of his risk-taking. But an unlikely path opens when he is chosen to be the “partner” of a trained helper monkey, Webster. As he adjusts to having many of his needs met by a ten-inch-tall monkey, he also begins to bond with Webster’s trainer, Sharon, a woman with a tragic past who is careful to love only the monkeys she trains. With Sam’s encouragement, she begins to trust him and Webster as her family and tries to summon the courage to open herself more deeply to the possibility of love. But when Webster goes missing, Sharon and Sam’s relationship will be tested, as she questions the risk to her heart and her job. Beautifully written, imaginative and compassionate, After Crash is a brilliant illumination of the confusing, inspiring, messy, and creative process of healing the body, mind, and heart.


About the Author

Susan Robison

For many years, Susan Robison was a high school special education teacher. Currently, she coaches and tutors high school students, some of whom are in wheelchairs or have other physical limitations. She was inspired to write After Crash after becoming acquainted with the recipient of a capuchin from a center in Boston that trains monkeys to assist people with significant mobility impairments. Susan’s short stories have been published in New Letters, Crab Orchard Review, Saranac Review, and many other journals; her personal essays have appeared in the Boston Globe Magazine. Susan lives near Boston with her husband and son.