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Actions and adventures of a small boy

After almost drowning in the community well, Columbus Daniel is brought back to life. He gains a sixth sense that provides him a closeness to nature. Columbus Daniel explores the world’s mischief, prejudice, faith, and excitement. This is a book of fiction based on actual events. A few of the events are actual as written, most notably the story of the bees as well as the story of the marbles. The story of a three-year-old boy will make your heart stop. The story ends with a boy of twelve and will make your heart swell. This is written as a children's book from the novel Corporate House by Columbus Daniel. This book is dedicated to the following:

1- Elijah Hultgren
2- Maud Wheeler, grandmother
3- Columbus Wheeler, grandfather


About the Author

Columbus Daniel

Columbus Daniel Lynch was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in 1947. His father was killed in the military. His single mother remarried and left Columbus Daniel with his grandparents. His exciting experiences begin a life that completes in a successful life.



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