Adventurers In Schizophrenia

In Cars, Aircraft and Other Occupations

by Matthew Stephen Kraus


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Adventures In Schizophrenia presents theoretical and inventive cases and situations. This is presented through bold statements with etymological apprehension and awareness, and reference to mindful states such as subconscious and collective subconscious. This book’s dramatized fictitious element advances a hypothetical orientation. This is presented as in an analysis. And its good mental health reference may be okay for caregivers, mental patients, professionals in mental health, or/and interested people. If following the statements in this book, it’s possibly with an adoption of risk. The author should not be held responsible if ill results come from using the formulations of this book.


About the Author

Matthew Stephen Kraus

Matthew Stephen Kraus, author of Overcoming Schizophrenia Through Diet and Lifestyle, has some experience and background in psychological theories. His research includes to culinary areas for a handy herbal medicine use, and facts of health.