A Diabetic’s Journey

A Memoir

by Lucy Ana Krasno


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A Coma

A Diagnosis

A Lifetime of Diabetes

We often hear about Diabetes in the news or from other sources, but often don’t understand the entire scope of the condition. Diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 in 1964, Lucy’s story provides an emotional and detailed first-hand account of her diabetic journey. The memoir candidly reveals diabetic effects managing the condition as well as impacts with school, infections, stress, friends, peer-pressure, dating, marriage, career, caregiving and the continuous desire to be normal.


About the Author

Lucy Ana Krasno

Lucy Ana Krasno is a Diabetes survivor. She received an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Medical Assisting in 1983 and has worked for many practices and then different types of corporations over the years. She continues to self-improve her life with Diabetes and knowledge and amazes all who know her.