A Day at the Dog Park

An Education in Dog Etiquette for Children

by Justene Presley


Book Details

Your Child’s Guide to Playing Safely With Dogs

Your child's guide to playing safely with dogs!
Everyone loves the image of a child and a favorite pet dog. Many children say they love dogs, and claim that the dog is their favorite animal. However, it’s common for children to be hesitant or intimidated around dogs. Many fears and worries about interacting with dogs can be easily solved with some basic education about how to approach and interact with dogs of all kinds. A Day at the Dog Park introduces Carter and his dog, Snickers. Carter’s mom takes them to the dog park, and their enjoyable day gives fun, practical lessons about the best way to make new dog friends. Carter explains that there are lots of different types of dogs, and goes through a six-step method for meeting a new dog. Each step is explained clearly, simply, and with plenty of detail, so readers can feel confident in their new skills. Carter also shares advice about what not to do. Children and parents alike will enjoy this charming, educational book, which is likely to become a favorite in your library!


Book Excerpt

Hi! My name is Carter, and this is my dog, Snickers.
We are going to the dog park today with my mom. I am so excited! I love dogs, and Snickers loves to play with other dogs.
I am really smart when it comes to different types of dogs and how to play with them. I would be happy to share some of my smarts with you!
At the dog park you can meet all kinds of different dogs. Dogs can be big, small, long-haired, short-haired, wrinkled, and can have ears that stick up, or ears that almost touch the ground.
I am now going to show you how to meet a new dog, and if you are lucky, play with them too!


About the Author

Justene Presley

Justene Presley is from Columbus, Ohio. She graduated from Belmont University with a music degree in 2011. In addition to her love of animals, she enjoys singing and crafting. She lives with her husband, Will, and their dog, Archimedes.