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Moving to the Country Was Supposed to Make Things Simpler for Corporate Chief Wilson McCann. Instead, the Intrigue Is Just Beginning.

Wilson McCann, the CEO of Dynacom, tried everything to save his beloved firm. But when a rival gobbles up the telecom giant for a lower-than-expected share price, McCann is vilified in the business press. So McCann decides to escape the rough-and-tumble corporate world for a new challenge: rescuing his dead uncle’s debt-ridden farm. It’s in this small Michigan town that McCann meets three women from his past who want to be a part of his future. Each has a decidedly different objective. Meanwhile, old associates seek to draw him back into the telecom industry even as new friends urge him to find God’s plan. But problems multiply when McCann gets involved in an acquisition scheme that would restore him as a CEO. A prominent politician may turn the deal into a disaster, and a series of personal tragedies threatens to drive McCann to his knees. Then he begins his greatest acquisition, and his future opportunities collide with the results of his past. Acquisition is the provocative story of one man’s search for meaning amidst Wall Street raiders and small-town farmers—and the surprising revelations about what matters most.


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Robert W. Zinnecker

Bob Zinnecker is a 50-year veteran of the telecommunications industry. He spent 33 years with CONTEL Corporation managing operations in Michigan, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, and New York. He currently operates a consulting service providing practical management assistance for today’s changing world. Zinnecker is a senior certified professional manager and is a charter member of the Institute of Certified Professional Managers. He has written numerous articles and devotionals that have been published in religious and business media. Bob has four grown children and seven grandchildren. He and his wife, Elaine, reside in Penfield, New York.

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