A Bell for Christmas

The Miracle Series

by Landria Onkka


Book Details

The sequel to the Award Winning Best Seller and Movie “The Rooftop Christmas Tree”


There’s a tale in Rosedale that homeless Old Lady Bell comes from wealth. But then no one pays much attention to her and her pudgy Terrier who roam the streets of the small, southern town. That is until Animal Control threatens to take the dog from Bell prompting soft hearted attorneys Sarah Wright and John Rivera to come to her aid. Is Bell really homeless, or does she live in the abandoned, decayed mansion on the outskirts of town? Sarah is compelled to find out what drove the former socialite into obscurity and turns to family friend Judge Joe Conner for answers. However, Judge Conner is oddly reluctant to reveal details about Bell or his own mysterious past. What is the Judge withholding and why? What starts as an animal rescue turns into a mystery that Sarah and John are determined to unravel. Fate steps in and a life threatening event leads them to a shocking discovery and an ending that surprises everyone. This Christmas romance will warm your heart and restore your faith in eternal love, hope, and miracles.


About the Author

Landria Onkka

Landria Onkka is the award winning author of best seller, “The Rooftop Christmas Tree,” a 2016 television movie. Prior to her writing career, she spent 20 years as an investment banker specializing in entertainment. Landria has worked with producers, writers, celebrities and investors on well-known movie, television, and Broadway projects. She has several writing scholarships and awards and has traveled extensively. She lived and worked in Germany and Sweden. Now based in Atlanta, Georgia, she has traded in Wall Street to write books and movies full time. Landria also inspires others on her popular YouTube channel and mentors entrepreneurs on how to create Internet businesses. More information can be found at http://landriaonkka.com or http://landriaonkka.net

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