You Can't Catch Me

Mama Said I'm the Gingerbread Man

by Sherry Moss Walraven


Book Details

RUN! Ladies, that is the same man who killed the girl in the store. He is the serial killer, and he is coming our way. RUN!

The merry-making cousins are on the road again. It was time for their annual vacation together. They were going to pick up Alaska at a convenience store. When they walked in the store, Jas noticed the man, who walked in the store, had a gun in his back pocket. Jas squatted down by the pharmacy counter. She didn’t want the other cousins to be harmed, so they all found a hiding place. The man went to the young girl at the cash register and demanded she give him all the money. She refused, so he shot her in the heart making her fall to the dirty floor. Someone had already called the police who, in turn, called the FBI who had been searching for this man for quiet a while. FBI decided the ladies who saw what happened needed go in the Witness Protection Program. Much to their despair, the ladies were taken to their temporary home. They told the FBI about the crazy man looking each of the girls in the eyes before he left the store. Would the ladies, who were active, make it to being indoors for a long while? Would the serial killer find them and kill them like he said he would do? They will not be witnesses at the trial if he could help it.


About the Author

Sherry Moss Walraven

Sherry Moss Walraven is a lifelong resident of Calhoun, Georgia. She taught literature to middle school students. They read and discussed books like “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “Where the Red Fern Grows.” Now, retired, she still has many memories of her time with the students and their reactions to the stories. Sherry is the author of several books.

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