William Henry Chase Uniquely American

by David L. Walby


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It is rare when an innovator, an engineer, a salesman, and an entrepreneur get together. When one person has all of these attributes, he or she can change the world. Such a person was William Henry Chase. From his graduation from West point at the age of 16, Chase was destined for greatness. He was a builder of massive fortresses, railroads, banks, insurance companies and plantations. He was also a city planner and developer. Chase accomplished all of this while in the United States Military. At a time when most people never traveled more than 50 miles from their place of birth, Chase was a world traveler. He and his wife Anne attended the coronation of Queen Victoria. This is a story of the birth of the industrial age in America and Europe. It was a time when slavery was the major capital holding in the southern states. You have heard that economics, not slavery caused the Civil war, however, economics was slavery. He alone was responsible for the industrialization of Pensacola. He wrote in 1829, “Railroads are the rivers of tomorrow, and canals will be the intercoastal connection between rivers. “The national destiny and the destiny of William Henry Chase were the same. He was not in the audience, he was on the stage.


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David L. Walby

David Walby retired as a stock broker after 30 years. He is a volunteer at Fort Pickens in the Visitors Center. He has authored many books, among them are: "Geronimo Comes to Pensacola"; "1861 The Battle for Santa Rosa Island"; " The Ghosts of Santa Rosa Island"; "Andrew Jackson Comes to Pensacola"; "The Spanish Arrive in La Florida 1513-2013" ; "How Pensacola Got Its Name"; and his novel which was awarded a USA book award, "Bond Daddy". He lives in Gulf Breeze, Florida on Santa Rosa Sound with his wife, Emily.

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