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“. . . Or maybe shut my eyes and the past will fly out the window because you don’t like the cast . . .”

Concert pianist Frederick Priestley struggles to come to terms with the tragic death of his parents when he was 10. Complicating Freddy’s life are his first love, the widowed Margo, and his wife, the fiery French actress Gabrielle. When each tries to pull him into her grip, Freddy is pushed to near breaking point.


About the Author

Obie Yadgar

The young Obie Yadgar would often observe his great-uncle, the renowned Assyrian writer and historian Benyamin Arsanis, bent over his desk, fountain pen in hand, always writing. Years later, following a tour of duty in Vietnam as a U.S. Army combat correspondent, Obie worked as a freelance writer and radio broadcaster. Obie continues to write, like his uncle, bent over his desk, fountain pen in hand. Whistling to Cairo is Obie’s second novel. Other works by Obie Yadgar include: Fiction, Will’s Music; Non-fiction, Obie’s Opus.