Where Have All The Good Leaders Gone, Long Time Passing?

by Monelle Johnson


Book Details

Who is the best leader that you know? Chances are that leader will display some of the characteristics described in this book. There is no contest to become the best leader in the world, but if you aren’t willing to make improvements you will continue to spin in a circle, making the same mistakes. Whether you are already a business manager or just a leader of your own family, this book will encourage you to implement new techniques. The personal examples will put a grin on your face and a pat on your back if you are already leading your own square dance. When you are dealing with people you are bound to be exposed to conflict, humor and opportunities to shine. Read this book to gain suggestions to help you shine brighter.


About the Author

Monelle Johnson

Monelle Johnson has lived in Wisconsin her whole life. She has spent 25 years working in the Human Resources field and 15 years as a county foster parent. Where Have All the Good Leaders Gone, Long Time Passing? is her first published book. When not reading, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and learning new dance steps.