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When Love Never Ends is the love story of Sam and Sara, once separated, then reunited, then lost to each other again … unless Sam can find a way to change their destiny.

As with many young couples, Sam and Sara meet at a dance, start dating, and soon fall in love. Sam is a college man; Sara only a junior in high school—but for Sam, the age difference doesn’t matter. Sara is the girl of his dreams. He wants to be with her, and she with him, and they look forward to a future together. Plans for that happy future, however, are squashed when Sara’s bigoted father, Ralph Henderson, finds out about Sam’s mixed Japanese-Caucasian heritage. Henderson refuses to allow his daughter to date a “breed,” and devises a cruel scheme to separate them for good. Years later, Sara seeks legal help, and the lawyer she contacts is Sam, now a partner in a prestigious law firm. Though she’s in a difficult personal situation, Sara’s feelings for Sam are easily rekindled, as are his feelings for her. Just when it looks like they will be able to have a future together after all, catastrophe occurs. After months of crippling grief and depression, Sam develops an interest in his friend’s pet project dealing with time travel. Though Sam once scoffed at the idea, the improbable now seems his only hope: to travel back in time and change the order of events—to change their destiny. When Love Never Ends is a rich saga of a love that endures beyond all bounds. J. Alec Keaton’s evocative images, true-to-life characters, and clever plot twists are exactly on point. He deftly maneuvers the complex concept of time travel in a manner that is both satisfying and convincing. As his main character comes to realize, “Time goes on forever, and life is just a fleeting moment.”


About the Author

J. Alec Keaton

J. Alec Keaton is the pen name of author, Andrew Y. Maeda, O.D., a healthcare professional, who resides in Hawaii with his family. He is semi-retired and enjoys playing golf, woodworking, and writing in his spare time. Andrew was born in an internment camp in Heart Mountain, Wyoming and spent his childhood and early adult life, living in Tacoma, Washington. He attended the University of Puget Sound in his hometown and the College of Optometry at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. He has been in private practice for 44 years.

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