How to Become Wealthy and Wise

A Financial Planning Guide for Everyone

by Mark S. Robertson, CFP, MBA


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Here’s What You Need to Know—In Plain English—to Accumulate and Safeguard Your Wealth

Wealth: Where does it come from? How can you get it? And how can you grow what you already have? Everyone has questions regarding financial planning. Getting them answered isn’t always so easy. Now, expert financial planner and educator Mark S. Robertson details the strategies he shares every day with clients at all ranges of income. The key lies in building a sturdy “hull and deck”—Robertson’s shorthand for the financial necessities—and then equipping it with a robust “sail”—investments—so that you can really take off. You’ll learn: •How to formulate an effective monthly spending plan that helps you get out of debt fast •The crucial—and surprising—characteristics shared by the wealthy •How to calculate an adequate emergency fund—and then acquire it •The basics of protecting your wealth: what kind of insurance to purchase and how to plan for your estate •Investments 101: Explore types of investment vehicles—from stocks to bonds and annuities to ETFs •How to achieve retirement and save for your children’s education •Much, much more! No matter where you’re at in your life or your bank balance, it’s time to arm yourself with the best financial education possible. How to Become Wealthy and Wise is like having your very own financial planner there right when you need it.


About the Author

Mark S. Robertson, CFP, MBA

Mark S. Robertson teaches finance at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is a managing partner at RDJ Financial Architects in Las Vegas. He holds a bachelor’s in finance from Brigham Young University and an MBA from City University. Robertson also has more than twenty years of military service in the US Army as both an officer and an enlisted soldier.