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When our family gets together for special times such as holidays, birthdays or just times to be together, we start telling about things we recall from years past. Often these stories are about times that we were quite frightened. On one such occasion, I remarked that we should compile these scary stories into a book. Someone said, “That’s a good idea. Why don’t you do it?” Since I had written several books, I thought, “Yes, why not?” This book is the result of that idea.


About the Author

James Ray Haney

It was almost love at first sight when James Ray Haney met Lyndal Foster in a campus club meeting at Abilene Christian College (now University). He was president of the club and had arrived early to find Lyndal early for the meeting. He was preparing for the ministry and she was studying to be a teacher. They dated for three years until they were out of school and then were married. They have two children, Debra and Greg, three grand children, and one great grandson. After a 45-year ministry, James Ray retired and he and Lyndal moved to the Village of Salado, Texas in 2005. This is his fifth book, all written after moving to Salado. They live a very active life in the church and community.