Walk With Me

A Journey to Full Freedom from an Eating Disorder

by Vanessa Schön


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One day, one moment, one step at a time...

An estimated 30 million people suffer from eating disorders in the United States alone. Eating disorders are real, complex, and life-threatening illnesses. They have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. With the complexity of this illnesses being a distinct factor, it is easy for sufferers to feel hopeless, trapped, and as if they will never recover. In this book, Vanessa leads readers step by step to the way out. After struggling with an eating disorder for seven years, Vanessa guides readers through her journey of successful recovery. She shares her most useful strategies, from the moment she first realized she needed help, her most useful tools during residential treatment and upon leaving, how she recovered from relapses, what she had to do to finally let go of her illness as well as lifelong “safety tips” to ensure a complete and permanent recovery. People affected by eating disorders, as well as family members, friends and professionals will find Vanessa’s positive and direct point of view helpful and comforting, as she walks them toward full recovery and freedom from the torment of an eating disorder.


About the Author

Vanessa Schön

Vanessa is a psychotherapist, author, and mental health advocate. She is the author of “Walk With Me: A Journey to Full Freedom from an Eating Disorder” (2013), “Walk With Me” (2015), and “The Purple Pony: A Story About Being Yourself in a World That Makes You Feel like You Need to Be like Everyone Else” (2016).