Voices in the Attic

by P. B. Jordison


Book Details

Scary beginnings bring surprises!

Moving can be both challenging and scary for anyone but especially a young person leaving all things familiar behind. Melissa handles the situation with courage and determination.


Book Excerpt

"What is it, Rags?" Melissa questioned. She heard the scratchy voices too as she turned the radio down. "They're coming from upstairs, Rags."


About the Author

P. B. Jordison

Voices In The Attic is one of several stories I wrote several years ago, but the time never seemed right to continue with the publishing stage until now. I am retired, a wife, mother of five and grandmother of 12. The stories came to me while listening to my children and grandchildren over the years. I continue to write as my life and imagination are filled with ideas. I hope you enjoy this story and keep watching for more to come.

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