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Unchon-ni examines how, why people meet, or gravitate towards each other. Circumstances (immaturity, the chain of command, cold war incidents/deaths, prostitution) are time bombs going off with destructive intentions to all types of relationships. Read how they survive, the good, or bad times with love and happiness as rewards for navigating through a torrid love affair. All while realizing most pairings will end in a final emotional separation. Readers will see how Unchon-ni characters feel about their identity. You read how people of color coped with civil rights, racism, and their military obligations. Now emotionally involved you’re left, as are the characters, wondering what if…?


About the Author

Codis Hampton II

“I wanted to be the man my father thought I could become. Events and incidents facilitated my growth beyond my wildest dreams. By just being in an Army environment, specifically Camp Kaiser, Unchon-ni, South Korea some things I learned by accident. Unlike in high school, I was paying attention. That’s why the memories are etched in my mind. If I close my eyes and lean my head back in a chair, I can still see the streets of Unchon-ni, smell that pungent odor that permeated the air of the village. It’s as if I am standing there today.” Codis Hampton II

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