Twilight Dreams and Musings

by Thomas Noel Smith


Book Details

Poetry for the Heart, the Mind, and the Soul

There is always a time for everything just as there are songs that must be sung, words that must be spoken. Twilight Dreams and Musings is a collection that appeals to the sense, the heart, the soul, and the mind. Each work, in its own way, addresses the human conditions and encourages each one to dream, to wish, to believe. The poems are inspirations and challenging…a collection of the songs of one’s heart, the music of one’s soul.


About the Author

Thomas Noel Smith

Thomas grew up as an “army brat”. He lived in France and Germany as well as several different states. No one place was home for more than three years at a time. He attended Ringling Brothers Clown College, after graduation, and he traveled with a small, one-ring circus as a professional clown. He has also worked as a folk singer, and sometimes he still performs. Thomas received an M.A. from Chicago College of Performing Arts. He taught theatre at the public school for five years, but films are now his area of concentration. Twilight Dreams and Musings is his fifth book of poetry, and he will be writing considerably more in the future.

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