Treating Trauma with Energy Psychology

by Catherine Folkers, Editor


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Treating Trauma with Energy Psychology
Edited by Catherine Folkers, MSW
Introduction by Vann Joines, PhD

The case studies presented in this book help bridge a gap that therapists newly trained in Energy Psychology can encounter between a new world of possibilities that energy psychology offers and the complexity of actual clients. Nine experienced therapists contributed to this collection of case studies illustrating the structure and nuance of their work with clients, going beyond techniques to share their insights and experience in both short and long-term therapies including work with trauma, phobias, psychogenic illness and personality disorders.
Vann Joines, PhD
Tony Roffers, PhD
Glenn Soberman, PhD
Marcia Guimaraes, LCMHC
Gina Verseman, MA LPC
Georgia Howorth-Fair, LMFT, LMHC, DCEP
Susan Josephson, LCSW
Nancy L. Smith, MSN, APRN
Catherine Folkers, MSW