To the Nth Degree

Genesis through Revelation

by Marjorie Gray


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Do you wonder at The Bible’s timeless, worldwide appeal? Why do more and more people rely on this holy book of books for daily soul vitality? How does God’s Word keep coming alive in the unified message of these ancient writings? Consider this your invitation to a poetic journey through The Old and New Testaments. Words in italics denote absolutes and superlatives, not hyperbole, but signs of God’s infinite love, wisdom and power.


About the Author

Marjorie Gray

A lifelong book-lover, Marjorie has always treasured The Bible above all others. She is the author of Mulled Words: A Word a Week from God’s Word (WinePress 2009) and Mulled Psalms: Moving from I to We (Wipf & Stock 2014). Home for Marjorie and Jim Gray is Carmel Hills Retirement Community in Charlotte, NC and New City Church, where they especially appreciate the “Lost & Found” community.

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