The Wise Man's Last Wish

A Christmas Tale

by Marilee Alexander, illustratrated by Gisele Nash


Book Details


On a clear, dark night, three Wise Men follow a bright star that leads them to baby Jesus, lying in a manger. Years later, the memory of that brilliant star and tiny babe stays with one of the Wise Men. He loves to tell the story of his long-ago journey, and how that small baby touched and changed his heart. One day he hears that a man who preaches love is coming. He waits among the people gathered to hear Jesus speak and is moved to follow His teachings. After Jesus’ death, the Wise Man makes a magical wish…and his life will be forever changed! Marilee Alexander’s poignant story, illustrated with Gisele Nash’s beautiful artwork, will delight the hearts of children everywhere. A classic Christmas story—with a surprising twist!


Book Excerpt

The star was the largest, brightest stay they had ever seen. The three Wise Men knew it was to show them the way to the Christ Child. Now they stood in silence. In front of them was the stable. Inside a soft light flickered......


About the Author

Marilee Alexander, illustratrated by Gisele Nash

Marilee Alexander works as a educational assistant in a local elementary school. She also works as a stage director in the local community and is active in her community and church. Marilee and her husband, James, live in Marlborough, MA.