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At the word stepparent, something goes “pop,” a range of emotions released… Like an onion, we discover that the word stepparent has multiple layers.

The Trigger is daringly intimate. Scenarios seem realistically similar to ones to which you have become familiar. Those nuances, you want to believe it’s you. As your tear ducts tingle, the onion peels away, layer by layer.

Excerpt: “…some tickled the tear ducts, invoked a tear or two. Each version of the story changed depending on the side of the bed it was coming from.”

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About the Author

Sandra Nelson

A product of the step-parenting experience, Sandra believes she is able to speak from a place of influence. She does not claim to be the ultimate authority, however. This discourse came about, partly as a result of her work within the New York City Public Schools system, where, as a counselor, the issue of step-parenting was a recurring topic. A children’s book was the Genesis but it slowly evolved. Sandra is among other things, a wife, mother, mentor, and of course her happy place, writer.