The Snitch

An Agent Without a Badge Based on a True Story

by Lacey King and Laurence E. Sturtz, Esq


Book Details

The FBI on Trial in a Sensational Case

Charismatic, ambitious attorney Larry Strong gets the chance of a lifetime when he is appointed to defend career criminal Rocky Hamilton, who agreed to resume criminal activities in a notorious gang of bank robbers for the FBI. It seemed like a good deal for Rocky, who would otherwise have spent the rest of his life in prison. But when the young bank manager, Jamie MacDonald, is kidnapped and murdered, Rocky stands accused of aggravated murder. It’s up to the defense to prove to the jury that Rocky acted at the direction of the FBI—even if calling out the government puts Larry in danger. Fast-paced, character-driven, and expertly written, The Snitch is a fascinating examination of the gray areas between right and wrong, and a shocking exposé of corruption.


About the Author

Lacey King and Laurence E. Sturtz, Esq

Lacey King honed her writing skills at the College of William and Mary. Her long career in the Foreign Service, where she served at the American Embassy in Bonn, Islamabad, Paris, Bangkok, and Santo Domingo, did not allow much time or opportunity for creative writing. Since retiring, she has written memoirs for clients and is now focusing on her gift for writing fiction. The Snitch is her first novel. Laurence E. Sturtz, Esq. is a renowned Ohio trial attorney in the areas of constitutional, criminal, and corporate law. During his career, he served as lead trial attorney in over 400 jury cases, with a 98% win rate. He became recognized and respected for his expertise in complex, high-profile civil litigation for private and publicly traded companies. Having received partnership in his firm in only the second year of practice, this dynamic and highly capable attorney handled five cases before the United States Supreme Court—two of them before his thirty-fifth birthday.