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At that moment I knew he would be mine forever. Albeit I wasn’t sure in what capacity yet.

After watching him from across the room for two hours I found enough courage to approach him and introduce myself. We talked for two hours, I talked for two hours, he listened and answered three questions. Standing perfectly still moving his feet to the music with constant eye contact for that time. I decided he was not interested and decided to take a walk outside and he opted to escort me on my walk. From the magical kiss until that first call it was the longest days of my life. I kept saying have faith and if you believe he is your “Destiny” he will call. Did he, when and what happen? So, I called the friend that he introduced me to at the party and asked her to give her buddy a call and give him my number. He called two days after receiving the message. He kept my number in his wallet this tells me he is a person who marches to the beat of his own music. His best friend told me, he is one of the greatest people to have in your life. His best friend is female, they have been friends since Junior High School.


About the Author

Kasey Eric

Hi, I am Kasey, and I love writing, but let me tell you a little about me. I am now semi retired and decided to write full time. I am one of two children both girls with strong Native American backgrounds, I hold the following degrees, BSN, MA, & MBA. I write non-fiction and poetry. This book has a few of the poems that will be in the book of poetry.