The Redeeming Shot

Finding the Truth in Thailand

by Mark Lloyd


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Investigating heroin trafficking is DEA Special Agent Gary Howell’s specialty, and Thailand in 1983, home of the Golden Triangle, delivers euphoria to 80 percent of the world’s junkies.

When veteran Special Agent Gary Howell transfers from Los Angeles to work with Thai police in a small provincial city in Thailand, he finds an area devoid of western culture. He learns, adapts to the different society, and later is promoted to head the office.

In the resort town of Phuket, Gary has a chance meeting with a Vietnam War buddy, one who saved his life in combat 15 years before, but their reunion is cut short when his friend’s accompanying brother is killed that night in Phuket’s red-light area.

The local police conduct a slapdash investigation, and Gary feels obliged to step in and help his friend uncover the truth about the murders—even if it means going against his boss’s strict orders to work only heroin trafficking investigations. Covertly, with help from various sources, Gary slowly pieces together a rough picture of the killer. Now all he has to do is figure out how to find an unknown Thai in Thailand…


About the Author

Mark Lloyd

Mark Lloyd served in Vietnam as an Army Green Beret. He spent two years as a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department before joining the Drug Enforcement Administration as a Special Agent, where he worked for 31 years in a variety of domestic and foreign assignments, including eight years in Thailand. He is also the author of Dragon Chaser: A Memoir. Mark makes his home in Bentonville, Arkansas.