The Methuselah Project

Murder and Mayhem in the Race for Immortality

by Jim Nelson


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The ruthless race to stay young and healthy for 100 years.

Welcome to Madagascar: land of exotic spiders, land leeches, jumping rats, crocodiles, hissing cockroaches, and the mysterious predator called the fossa. And maybe, land that is hiding a secret elixir, the Fountain of Youth.

Harvard entomologist, Trygve Lindstrom, has accepted Morton’s generous six-month sabbatical to a remote village in Madagascar. For centuries, mariner’s reports and missionary accounts claim that these reclusive villagers, the Rock People, may have found the secret to youth and longevity. Lindstrom scoffs at the tales, but leaps at a chance to collect and study rare bugs. In time, he is accepted by the villagers, especially the children who joyfully accompany him on his collecting journeys. Then the unthinkable happens. Morton sends two armed commandoes to Madagascar. Lindstrom is determined to protect his beloved villagers and their sacred secret. But what can he do against armed intruders?


About the Author

Jim Nelson

Jim Nelson is an amateur entomologist, photographer and poet. He lives in Englewood, Colorado.

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