The Jar Puppies

The Jar Puppies and Miracle Beach

by Thomas James


Book Details

A Place Where Miracles Happen

An old glass maker, tired and looking for new inspiration, is led to a special beach where the sand has properties he has never seen before. He takes some of the sand home, and makes a series of jars, which have a gift that is so precious it can be shared only with a few loving and trustworthy children. But the pure joy given to the children is threatened as others watch, thinking only of how the gift can be turned to profit. The children learn priceless lessons about friendship, loyalty, and the importance of protecting what is precious and unique. The Jar Puppies and Miracle Beach is a unique and beautiful story that you and your children will treasure.


About the Author

Thomas James

The Jar Puppies and Miracle Beach came to author Thomas James in a dream one night. He knew it was a special gift that he could share with others. He told the story to his loved ones first, and their encouragement led to this book. He hopes that it will bring you joy.



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