The Hero Inside aka The Strawberry Shortcake Disaster

by Mary Ockerman


Book Details

This is a message to Superheroes everywhere to hold onto their capes! Five ordinary children are on a mission to create an un-boring day. The children create a day filled with fun and action, and to their utter surprise, they uncover the brave heroes inside themselves. Follow the children through exciting adventures, uncanny disasters, and crazy mishaps. Feel their growing pains and experience defining moments as they learn how an imperfect day can magically transform itself into the most extraordinary day ever. And don’t forget to serve yourself up a big piece of hero cake to celebrate that special day, the day of the strawberry shortcake disaster. This story is about heroes, obstacles, and family. It is loosely based on true events and reading it is something the whole family will surely enjoy.


About the Author

Mary Ockerman

Mary Ockerman has been writing, telling, and listening to wonderful stories for as long as she can remember. The author hopes to make children aware that they are made of strong stuff and that life is more fun when lived with a sense of humor. She wishes to plant seeds of compassion, responsibility, and the confidence to think independently. If these seeds grow, empowered children will become self assured adults who transform our planet in ways we could never have imagined. The author is a retired psychiatric nurse. She has one previous book: The Guardians of Earth. It is available on Amazon in hardcover, softcover, and digital formats.