The Gumshoe Chronicles 1921

by TJ Viola


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In 1920s New York the streets hold no secrets—if you’ve got the right connections.

New York City, 1921. “Get too close to the Mafia and you’ll be nothing more than a puppet with the Syndicate pulling the strings.” It’s not the first time Joey Batista, private eye, has heard this warning, but this time he’s honor-bound by his family’s ties to Castellano, the neighborhood mob boss. When Castellano brings in Joey to solve a local waterfront murder, then sends him to Detroit to help settle a Mafia power struggle, Joey realizes his hopes of building a nice, quiet PI business with his gorgeous partner, Jackie, are dashed. If that weren’t enough, he’s also being pursued by a killer with a blood vendetta, an unscrupulous DA, and a pair of notorious hit men. When Castellano’s family is threatened, Joey is drawn deeper into the inner workings of the underworld, pitting him against a foe so deadly that even Joey’s wartime skills as an assassin might not save him. As the neighborhood braces for a Mafia standoff, Joey must decide once and for all where he stands.


About the Author

TJ Viola

Tom and Judy Viola were both raised on Staten Island, New York. Tom is a retired engineer with an interest in the Roaring Twenties and its impact on American culture. Judy is a retired middle school science teacher and registered nurse with an interest in history, science, and the power of language. This is their second novel. They are currently working on The Gumshoe Chronicles – 1922, which will complete the trilogy.

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