The Good Life U

Executing the Grand Plan

by J. N. Hospitable


Book Details

Young people are 100% our future.

Humanitarian Elvis Good acknowledges children may only be 25% of our population but he knows they’re 100% of our future. In a gallant effort to inspire young people to improve the future of all cultures, Elvis and Attorney Neil Moore establish The Good Life Foundation to support Elvis’ worldwide humanitarian efforts. While traveling around the globe Elvis develops a magnificent plan to engage young people worldwide, to work, live, and learn together in a confined environment. . Elvis’ goal to reach as many cultures as possible, bridging the gap of cultural differences, is cut short by his unexpected, untimely death in a plane crash. Elvis’ family and friends decide to execute his magnificent plan, honoring his achievements and fulfilling his legacy. Elvis’ ten grandchildren have only 36-months to turn a used cruise ship into the largest most spectacular floating University in the world. Join the Good Family as they work to fulfill Grandpa’s legacy and make a positive impact on the world in Elvis’ name.


Book Excerpt

Our Grandfather is a legend, His Grand Plan will become legendary, Every legend is a journey, Every journey has a story, This is ours, come join us…... The Good Family


About the Author

J. N. Hospitable

Although fond of books since an early age J. N. Hospitable didn't publish her first book until she was an adult, after her children were grown. 'Life's Daily Dose of Reality' a book of statistics on the dangers of drunk driving, was published in March 2011 by Author House. The second book in the 'Life’s Daily Dose Of' series 'Life’s Daily Dose of Wit and Wisdom' a book of quips, quotes and wise sayings was published in June 2011 by Author House. "The Good Life U" is her first work of fiction, and since the characters hold a special place in her heart, it's her most enjoyable writing experience to date.