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What Grandma told me was true, it seems: I am the pilot of my very best dreams.

A little boy and his grandmother make bedtime more fun by using their imagination. Join them as they conjure up a flying bed and travel through the Milky Way and into outer space. And though the boy knows beds don’t really fly, he can’t wait for bedtime, to give it another try!


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K.S. Dwyer

About the Author: KS Dwyer has been an entrepreneur and business magnate for a variety of companies, including bootstrap start-ups and public and private organizations in the education, entertainment, professional sports, and financial fields. When not working or writing, KS spends time with his family at the ocean, boarding in a kaleidoscopic barrel wave, boating, biking, horseback riding, or contemplating the rhythms of life at a baseball game. He is also the author of Poetry for Peace and Pearls for Prosperity.

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