The Bachelor's Guide To The Galaxy!

The Retro And Modern Day Bachelor Guide For The New Renaissance Man Of The Millennium And Beyond!

by Larry 'Von Lars' Wehunt


Book Details

The Bachelor’s Guide To The Galaxy is not your typical self-deprecating cheesy and kind of funny at times bachelor cookbook, bachelor how to decorate or grill-out guide, how to start a campfire, how to make a killer martini, or laser-focused college dormitory party guide, but instead it is rather a comprehensive and insightful mind-blowing journey into the all-encompassing jet-setting lifestyle of the free modern day American and western bachelor including all aspects of life. Whether you are a taxicab driver or bartender, a professional corporate desk-jockey or manager in business, a stockbroker or lawyer, a tech-savvy dot com guy, a plumber or rancher or truck driver, or just the regular guy who lives next door going to college or trade school, this book was written EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU! Experience the ultimate bachelor lifestyle whether you are a fat cat in business, a middle class cubicle dude on the so called corporate fast track like in the movie Office Space or on a tight fraternity or high school budget still able to party your ass off every night of the week. It is time to tell your girlfriend a good story line and get out of town to be the fearless weekend warrior and domestic and international traveler who indulges his desires in hedonistic verve for life and for more lustful passion! This book IS the Big Leagues, the Adult Disneyland and the Great Pyramid of combined ancient and modern male wisdom and knowledge which I have accumulated for you in these written pages while smoking my trademark pipe and wearing my playboy bachelor robe and slippers. I think you will LOVE IT! This book will challenge conventional wisdom and shake up the status quo and show you how to TAKE CONTROL of your manly life. The smart bachelor knows that to change your life that you must first change your thinking! Learn to plan for a life of success and to be one of the lucky ones. As our credo echoes in time immortal and as we race in our roman chariots we boldly proclaim to all, “ONWARDS TO THE EMPIRE!! AND MAY GOD SAVE THE BACHELOR KING!”


About the Author

Larry 'Von Lars' Wehunt

This is the first book project from the author Larry ‘Von Lars’ Wehunt which he hopes will go to press and create quite a stir and become a national and international underground cult classic and best-seller. He is also a prolific writer and a blogger in cyberspace. He details how he worked the American dating scene as a former nightclub prowler turned “International Man of Mystery” 007 Style. He generously shares his dynamic insight, wit, advice and manly wisdom. Von Lars lives in Glendale Arizona near Phoenix in his own swinging retro and modern style space-age bachelor pad and has many friends and admirers along with his black Labrador retriever. Visionary, saint, huckster, rebel, snake-oil salesman, wiseguy, modern-day charlatan and man-about-town, office desk jockey, jack of all trades, entrepreneur, a foot soldier and braveheart in the corporate cubicle trench warfare of today, bachelor extraordinaire and Hugh Hefner wannabe, Von Lars pulls no punches like a raging bull boxer in the ring of life. He tells it the way it really is like an arrow in flight, shoots his intellectual wit and life observations with both barrels loaded and takes no prisoners for his first written bachelor manifesto and man’s man debut to the entire world! Enjoy!



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