The Art of Being a School Counselor

Leading with Confidence, Compassion & Authenticity

by Nancy L. Regas, M.S., M.F.T., P.P.S.

The Art of Being a School Counselor

The Art of Being a School Counselor

Leading with Confidence, Compassion & Authenticity

by Nancy L. Regas, M.S., M.F.T., P.P.S.

Published Feb 25, 2021
94 Pages
Genre: EDUCATION / Counseling / Academic Development


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To truly be an effective school counselor, you have to journey below the surface into the unknown, always asking yourself and your students probing questions.

Are you thinking about school counseling as a profession or just starting as a school counselor? Okay, maybe you're already an established school counselor; congratulations! However, are you feeling stuck, lost, or frustrated in your present position? If you answer yes to either question, this book is definitely for you. Enjoy your journey towards a personal and professional reawakening! 

HINT: This book is NOT just for counselors; it's for educators and parents too.
If you are an administrator, this book will help you understand the role of a counselor; correctly utilizing your counseling staff will increase the effectiveness of your school.
If you are a teacher, this book will help you comprehend the multiple roles of counselors and guide you in working collaboratively with them. Enjoy your journey towards becoming the best educator possible!
Finally, parents, you can use this book too! It will help you understand what it takes for your son/daughter [in middle school or high school] to be a successful student. When you grasp that, your guidance will become more impactful.
Together, we all help our students reach their potential!

Here is a list of all the awards the book has garnered:
NYC Big Book Award Winner, Category Education 2021
NYC Big Book Award, Distinguished Favorite, [Audio Book], Category NonFiction, 2021
National Indie Excellence Awards, Finalist-2021
San Francisco Book Festival-Honorable Mention, Category General NonFiction, 2021
San Diego Public Library, selected for the Local Author’s Showcase, 2021
Independent Press Award, Distinguished Favorite, Category Education, 2022

San Carlos Resident's Book garners multiple recognitions,

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Book Excerpt

Bookmark for The Art of Being a School CounselorTable of Contents



Chapter 1: My Evolution Towards Becoming A School Counselor

Chapter 2:Establishing Your Identity As A School Counselor

Chapter 3:Do You Know What School Is Really About?

Chapter 4:The Personal Side Of The Counselor/Student Relationship

Chapter 5:Establishing Parents As Your Allies

Chapter 6:Relationship With Administrators And Teachers

Chapter 7:Skills Of Being A Successful Student: Counselor Taught & Reinforced

Chapter 8:COVID And What It Has Done To Education

Chapter 9:How To Transition To High School

Chapter 10:Let Person-First Language Be Your Guide

Chapter 11:Some Of My Favorite Aphorisms

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"Nancy’s Wisdom is now Ours to Keep & Learn from in Perpetuity" 
"Insightful & Compassionate Strategies for Success” 
"Like a Cup of Tea with your Mentor”  
"Is a Must Read”
"Inspiring and Practical”  
"My go to Resource as I Support Students”
"Not Just for School Counselors"
"Her tips and tricks are spot on"


About the Author

Nancy L. Regas, M.S., M.F.T., P.P.S.

Author in front of placardNancy L. Regas spent twenty-two years counseling in public schools: first as a resource coordinator, next as a life skills counselor, and finally, eighteen years at one school as a high school counselor. Nancy followed that by becoming a regional representative for an out-of-state private liberal arts college. She advised both public and private schools in three counties  for three years. She resides with her husband of forty-nine years and has two adult daughters and two granddaughters.

Nancy was the Honorary Guest Speaker at the Honoring Excellence in School Counseling Leadership Conference in San Diego.

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