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Templym’s Protectors

It is the year 2722. After countless cataclysms spanning natural disasters, anarchy, and oppression, the worldwide nation of Templym was born. Evil forces prowl in the darkness, searching for an opportunity to bring it all crashing down. Under the leadership of the prophet Arodi Auzlanten, the soldiers of the Scourge stand as stalwart defenders of Templym, ready to combat all threats, both of this world and beyond. Follow one small troupe of these warriors and the Master of Templym himself as they scour the world in search of their enemies lest all they love crumble to ash.


About the Author

Matthew Nichols

Matthew was born in Ohio in 1997 to a loving family. He is passionate about his faith, science, metal, and all things in the sci-fi/fantasy world. He has been writing stories as far back as Free Write Fridays in the 4th Grade. While in school at the University of Cincinnati, he found himself with hours of free time between running chemical reactions in the lab. Thus, Templym was born and this first installment in the series was written. Today, Matthew has graduated with a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering. He works full-time as a Materials & Process Engineer, part-time as a youth minister, and always manages to find time to bring new creations to life on the page.