Tales of the Human Spirit

True Stories Well Told

by Mark Fellows


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Tales of the Human Spirit...

...contains a remarkable array of human interest stories you will not want to put down. There are fascinating profiles of people you thought you knew. Now you can really find out all about them. Discover as well gripping historical events, and the religious and spiritual experiences of famous and ordinary people that add so much meaning to our everyday lives, and our world.

For instance: What mysteries surround the life and death of Inger Stevens? What do Bob Dylan and Frank Sinatra have in common? Ever wonder what sank the SS Edmund Fitzgerald? How did the relationship between JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis profoundly impact their respective worlds of fantasy?

How did Manny Pacquiao overcome poverty to win boxing titles in eight weight classes? Want to find out more about near-death experiences? Or why millions of Christians believe the Holy Shroud is Jesus’ burial cloth? How does the mental health system succeed (or fail) in the lives of its patrons?

Look inside to begin finding the answers to these and many other questions.


Book Excerpt

Excerpt from "Fire At Cathedral of Notre Dame":

"At 7:50 pm Parisians and people across the world on social media, where the fire was being streamed live, watched in horror as the huge spire of Notre Dame collapsed and crashed through the roof down to the Cathedral floor...

"Its crash through the burning roof caused a tremendous fireball to shoot through the attic. The firefighters were crouched behind a wall when the fireball zoomed by and scorched everyone...It was time to retreat.

"Some firefighters wept as they descended. Outside there was a wail of grief, and cries of horror at the sight of the spire collapsing into the church, destroying everything in its path. It seemed the Cathedral was doomed. How could an 850-year-old building withstand the agonizing torture it was being subjected to without totally collapsing?" (p. 254)


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Mark Fellows

Mark Fellows has had five books and dozens of creative non-fiction articles published over the years. He has many more articles on his blog, https://moina-arcee.blog.

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