Athlete On Oxy

One Woman's Journey Through Chronic Pain, Depression, Addiction and Back Again

by Erin Johnson


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Like a snowball rolling down hill, once it started, I couldn’t stop it from growing and gaining momentum. Over the course of ten years, I went from strong female athlete to an OxyContin glazed mom in debilitating chronic pain. In 2010, my life came to an abrupt stop as my 36-year-old body started to break down. This story chronicles my deterioration from professional level mountain bike racer to mother who cannot get out of bed without her daily dose of Oxy. I am labeled a drug seeker. Only a very few doctors believe my pain is real. Once they discover the source, I walk you through the arduous process of healing, which includes bouts of dopesickness, spiritual rebirth through Shamanic experience and ultimately returning to mountain bike racing.

Today, I can tell you for certain, the journey, the pain, the fear and subsequently, the growth were all worth it. I share my life experiences every day. And not just with people in pain, with everyone. The lessons I outline in this book are not exclusive to those who are suffering. The human experience is defined by highs and lows. We all have them. It is what we do with them that matters.


About the Author

Erin Johnson

Erin Johnson is an Outdoor Industry Purchasing Consultant living in Louisville, Colorado. She is a Fitness Instructor, Endurance Coach, MBA and mother. She has been married to her husband, Todd, for 16 years. In her free time, she enjoys hip-hop dancing, mountain biking, obstacle course racing, hiking and camping with her family.