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When It Seems Too Good to Be True…It Usually Is!

Bill Ehrlich needs a change. The successful advertising executive is struggling with the past given an acrimonious divorce and the death of a close friend. Looking for a diversion and lured by stories of big deals and easy money, Bill decides to invest in real estate. Leading with his heart rather than his head, he chooses Mitch Kendall, his late friend’s son, as his agent. But Bill will discover that Mitch has more ambition than expertise, more sales pitch than follow-through…and more confidence than experience. As Bill and Mitch set sail on what will become the rough waters of the subprime mortgage crisis, follow along as they deal with loan sharks, criminally negligent tenants, irresponsible contractors, and the stress that comes from being mismatched business partners. But there’s a silver lining to every cloud, and both Bill and Mitch find unexpected opportunities in the ruin of their dream of financial triumph. Educational and entertaining, this is a book you won’t want to put down!


About the Author

Will Speary

Will Speary is a writer, business executive, real estate investor, and coach who knows the value of a good story. A native of Annapolis, he uses storytelling to help colleagues, clients, and readers make good decisions.