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I fired up her 240Z and did donuts in the clover field.

Stories of a Small Town Farm Boy is a collection of humorous anecdotes illustrating some of the problems, solutions, and issues encountered by a boy growing up in a small town farming community. The isolation of growing up out in the country provided its own set of challenges for many young school kids of this locality. Even getting acclimated to the new routine of first grade proved to be a feat, but certain new cultural forces were at work to offer alternate areas of interest and entertainment. Television and radio were both still young but made a significant impact at a time when a transistor radio could be brought along, and music could be enjoyed while pulling weeds out in the fields. Growing up with parents who had both lived through the depression added a dimension of frugality which most young people today could never imagine. Many friends and neighbors of my parents’ generation actually grew up in German speaking households but were expected to attend public school where all lessons were presented in English. This book is designed to humorously present a number of significant cultural changes that have taken place in our society. Growing up with little money and a lot of responsibility made for a childhood which was diametrically opposed to current expectations. Much of what we dreamed about then is taken for granted today. Cultural changes are illustrated from the first grade through graduate school, a teaching career and retirement. Enjoy the trip.


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Eric Duling

Eric Duling is a retired professor of engineering technologies.  He and Nancy split their time between Findlay, Ohio and Dunedin, Florida.  Between them, they have three great boys and two great grandsons.