Spy in the Sky

A Cold War Story of Espionage, Romance and Intrigue

by Tom Elsasser


Book Details

US Submarine Secrets Targeted by Beautiful KGB Agent

Pan Am flight attendant Natalie is the only thing that stands between the KGB and their attempt to steal submarine secrets from the United States Navy and alter the course of the Cold War. She and her naval submarine suitor, Max, find their budding romance plunged into the international intrigue of the 1970s when she discovers her roommate, Mia, is an East German spying for the Soviets. To complicate matters, Max’s submarine mate, Peter, has fallen in love with Mia. When Mia is ordered to turn Peter into a Russian spy, the result is a sexy espionage thriller that pits the creativity of the CIA against the treachery of the KGB.


Book Excerpt

The first-class passengers strolled leisurely to their seats aboard the Pan Am direct flight from Frankfurt to JFK. It was going to be busy for one of the flight attendants working the first-class section, but it had nothing to do with her official Pan Am duties. She was rather tall, with a white porcelain complexion set off by a blonde pixie cut. Easy to spot in a crowd. One of the passengers immediately took note, and touched her arm as she walked down the aisle in first-class. “Would you please hang up my sport coat. Take care, it is pure cashmere.” She flashed him that Pan Am smile. “By all means Mr. Merkel, I’ll give it special attention.” She helped him shed the elegant jacket and briskly walked to the forward closet. The password and name match; he’s the guy, she thought as she placed the jacket on one of the hangers. In the process, she deftly removed a small notebook from the right inside pocket and wedged it in the waistband of her uniform skirt. The remainder of the flight was strictly routine. Upon arrival at JFK it was just a matter of one more transaction and she was home free. She glanced at her watch; the timing was perfect. She gathered her luggage and headed for the Carey bus stop, pausing a bit apart from the waiting crowd. Almost immediately, she was joined by another Pan Am flight attendant who set down her luggage next to hers and said, “I’m just in from Paris, how was your flight?” “Pretty much routine,” she answered. A minute or two later the bus arrived and again she gathered her luggage. With a distracted expression, she deliberately took the girl from Paris’s carry-on instead of her own. Once on the bus she felt a wave of relaxation and thought, almost finished, just a quick trip to Bloomingdale's to pass on these little treasures and mission complete.


About the Author

Tom Elsasser

Tom Elsasser, Capt. USNR (Ret), is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and a veteran of over 10 years on active duty as a nuclear submarine officer. He made 7 Polaris deterrent patrols and served as the Training Officer at the Nautilus prototype. His final active duty assignment was as a member of the Nuclear Propulsion Examining Board (NPEB), tasked with ensuring the operational safety of nuclear powered units of the US Navy’s Atlantic Fleet. This novel draws from that experience. He currently resides in Philadelphia where he was born and raised.